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The Age of Freelancing

With slow economic growth on the horizon and companies waiting to hire skilled workers full-time much of the skilled workforce and many of the projects have moved online to freelance websites.  For instance, there are  1.7 million projects currently available on   In fact, they claim to be the largest outsourcing marketplace. My Report examines their claim in comparison to their top two online competitors:


Freelance Industry Ready to Fill Customer Service Gap

Strategically,  social media is used to get the right people in place, at the right time, and more importantly at the right price. The freelance industry is ready to fill the customer service gap.

Strategy Plan One

Strategy Plan One

June 23, 2012 

Eservice, Social Media and the Customer

With the social media craze estimated to grow by 37% this year, businesses must be ready to intercept social media friendly customers and serve them well.  It’s not just about speed of service to customers, but the other factors that play into building that customer base, and just as important, retaining those customers.

Here is a strategic look at customer service from the Eservice & Social Media business side, in this infographic from Bluewolf.

Ground-breaking customer service models driven by:

  • 87% customer demand for better service
  • 71% from pressures from competition 
  • 28% loyalty of the customer

Customer behavior when businesses screw up:

  • 17% leave after a single mistake
  • 40% hit the road after a two mess-ups
  • 28% have had enough after the third mistake

Social Media and Eservice Trends:

  • E-service (web, social media, chat) estimated to grow…

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Make money with money – Freelance it now

June 19, 2012 2 comments

Make money with money by motivating hundreds, maybe thousands, of Internet savvy people from Kuala Lampur, Malaysia to Akron, Ohio to spread your gospel all over the Internet.

Freelancing – good for business!

June 12, 2012 1 comment

If you work for a living or operate a business than chances are you might be interested in freelancing. claims they are “the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace”.  My Report examines their claim in comparison to their top two online competitors: and