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Need a Job? – Work from home

There are less than eight hours remaining on the clock for those interested in the SEO & Writing competition to win a share of  US$15,000.00 on  The unofficial count for entries, at this point in time,  is over 1100. Below is a screenshot of tags and categories I used to draw  711 views.

This is an image of most popular categories and tags used by The Freelance Battle Wages On

This charts the number of visits to The Freelance Battle Wages On.  The high point was 189 views, and those peaks coincide with my  SEO efforts to promote the blog.

If you need a job or work at home running a small business, anyone (company or freelancer) can sponsor a contest on  When you do, you will reach a large audience of employers and freelancers prepared to reach out to their individual markets to promote your company, brand or expertise.

All are welcome!